The Classic Nektar years 1969-2003

This project is dedicated to the CLASSIC NEKTAR story with sounds, pictures and facts from their early roots in the sixties right up to their final 2003 re-union shows. This site features music, images, videos, data & trivia plus our own Q & A forum.

Take your time and take mine too! To browse these times we've found for you.

Give It A Chance, Let It Grow

Take a look around this site and see what I see. Imagination is merged with reality!

From 1969 to the often forgotten but, so enjoyable 1978 brief reunion until the final 2003 reunion show there never was a question should something we collected over the years not be included in "The Nektar Project" from the Classic Nektar Years. Many memories and facts have been preserved, including unique live recordings, photographs, music, videos and memorabilia unearthed from a wide variety of sources. To the answer of every question - The Classic Nektar story is told through sounds, pictures, and facts as well as a series of interviews with band members, roadies, press clippings along with some personal experiences from our fans.

Take a trip back in time, enjoy the images of the past with the Sounds Of Time because tomorrow never comes! The legacy of the sensational and often underrated CLASSIC NEKTAR lives on right here. Give us a passing glance and ask yourself, "Is it real or just deception?".

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