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Nektar Down To Earth Nektar - FREEDOM
Lyrics written by Roye & Mick
Music written by Roye, Mo, Taff & Ron

A NEKTAR composition!


Alternative Lyrics for Listen

Just try to understand me,
when I tell you about freedom.
It was not so long ago,
the twilight king took steps to see some.

Freedom, freedom.

It was not so long ago
That I saw it plainly spoken,
that pure freedom was a dream,
from which this country was awoken.

Freedom, freedom.

GTR. solo
KEYS solo
Instrumental verse with bass & guitar melodic interplays.

Taking arms, yet taking heart,
to cultures old, yet miles apart,
free them from bombs, freedom from pain,
so we can live our lives again.

Aggressive Instrumental verse

So it's really time to go now,
it is NOT the time to run.
It's time to give 'em such a show now,
time to take away those guns,

guns they think will get them freedom, freedom.
…Go give it to 'em!… (a final scorching guitar solo)

I wrote these "alternative" lyrics based entirely upon Roye's single prominent word "Freedom"
I wrote them as a tribute to ALL the troops presently STILL in the Middle East.

(Mick Brockett, June 2008)

BTW, this piece is now available on Classic Nektar MySpace page along with other stuff, check it out!

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