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The Forgotten Sessions of Nektar

This list of Live and Unreleased Nektar music will grow over time.

Sometime during late 1976 Nektar was preparing to wow the American audiences with Journey to the Center of the Eye along with other new space rock songs that would see the band return to their space rock roots once again. What was about to unfold never materialized because of Roye's abrupt departure in December 1976 however, several recordings were made like this one titled "The Dream Sequence" by Mick Brockett.

Freedom is a very early version of Listen and this version has Roye singing Freedom.

One of our favorite renditions of the song because of the very hot and rare intro.

We just love this version of Crying in the Dark and hope you do too!

If you can disregard the sound issues of update number 4 - Let It Grow - you will hear why we rate this version of the song as one of the top five renditions ever played by Classic Nektar with special lifetime guest Larry Fast!

This "Remember The Future" part 1 is from Mo Moore's last performance with Nektar in 2003.

During Nektar's brief reunion in 1978 several new songs were composed but, never released. Eastern is one of those songs and is our latest addition to the Lost sessions.

New Years Eve with Nektar


Quality varies from song to song.

take your nektar nektar spaceship earth


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