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The Shot Heard Around The World!

From 1975 to 1976

Following Nektar's highly successful tour of Europe and America in 1974, Nektar returned to Europe and continued touring into 1975.

Nektar returned to St. Louis at the beginning of March 1975 and started rehearsing for the next American tour — "Recycled" — that began by mid–March at the Ambassador Theater. Contrary to popular belief Nektar did not start their American tour in St. Louis, however Nektar returns to St. Louis on April 2 at the Kiel Auditorium and with the help of the KSHE FM radio station sells out both shows. Once again many new songs were added to the set list to try out on audiences and their reactions were watched.

Larry Fast linked up onstage with Nektar at the Academy of Music, New York City, NY May 3rd 1975. This is where he was first introduced as our special guest and has held that honor ever since.
For more information on Larry Fast click here.


By now "Recycled" was long in the making and well under way. It was time for Nektar to start recording "Recycled" for their next album. June 27th — July 16th Nektar landed at the Chateau D'Horrorville* Studio in France and "Recycled" was born. July 18 — 23 Nektar returns to London, England to finish "Recycled" at Air Studios.
* The Chateau D';Horrorville was Nektar's  interpretation of the name of the studio which Elton John had recently used… the ACTUAL name is Chateau D'Herouville (near Paris, France) .

However, Nektar not only returned to Germany to finish working on "Recycled", they were also preparing for their departure. On August 16th, 1975 Nektar started their farewell tour of Europe. Mo announces during the remaining European concerts Nektar was moving to the United States.

However "Winds Of Change" were in the air. On September 28, 1974 at The Academy Of Music New York City a new prophetic song was played live: "It's All Over" and it was a prelude to the year 1976.



April 1976 saw the band, crew, and equipment move to the United States. Shortly after the band moves into their new homes in New Jersey, a flood wipes out a lot of the equipment that was stored in the basement. Nektar quickly recovered from this mishap and once again started their tour of the States in the St. Louis area. This time around Nektar also performed a few gigs in western Canada.

While performing at the Morristown, N.J. Morris County College December 12, 1976 "The Shot Heard Around The World" was heard when Mo and Roye announced that Roye was leaving the band and this show would be his Final performance with Nektar.

Some consider Roye's last concert with Nektar as their best work. The December 12, 1976 concert circulates as an unofficial release among traders and the sound quality is sub par. Many consider "1 2 3 4" as the best ever played as well as "Let It Grow" along with "Dream Nebula", Only four times has Nektar played something from "Journey to the Centre of the Eye" suite since 1973 and this version is stunning. "Dream Nebula" and "Let It Grow" can be found on the "Live In Darmstadt" official bootleg that was released by Nektar on Roye';s, Taff's, and Larry's solo are spectacular to say the least on "Let It Grow."

Roye did not attend the after concert / his going away party and literally jumped on a plane and left for Germany. Please read Roye's Chronicles part 3 for more on this.

Part 5: 1977 "The Magical Year"


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