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nektar the dream nebula thumb nektar – the dream nebula
The Best Of 1971-1975
(Purple Pyramid 1998 CLP 0301-2)

Roye Albrighton / guitar, lead vocals
Derek "Mo" Moore / bass, backing vocals
Ron Howden / drums, percussion
Allan "Taff" Freeman / keyboards, backing vocals
Mick Brockett / lighting, projections and visual effects

Concepts by Mo & Mick
Music by Roye, Taff, Mo & Ron
Lyrics by Roye, Mo & Mick.
A NEKTAR composition.

Disc 1 Disc 2
Track Song Time
1. Prelude 01:24
2. Astronauts Nightmare 06:28
3. Warp Oversight 04:09
4. The Dream Nebula Part I 02:16
5. It1s All in My Mind 03:24
6. A Tab in the Ocean 16:45
7. Do You Believe in Magic? [Single Version] 03:44
8. New Day Dawning 05:03
9. Wings [Single Version] 3:48
Track Song Time
1. Cast Your Fate 5:29
2. King of Twilight 04:10
3. 16:43
4. Oop's (Unidentified Flying Abstract) 06:16
5. Fidgety Queen 04:04
6. Recycle 2:43
7. Cybernetic Consumption 02:12
8. Recycle Countdown 01:53
9. Automation Horrorscope 03:02
10. Recycling 01:49
11. Flight to Reality 01:18
12. Unendless Imaginations 04:35

Editor's Note:

nektar the dream nebula

Every CD of "Remember The Future" that was mastered prior to 2002 should be avoided at all costs. They all contain this bad mix!

We do recommend that everyone buy the Eclectic Label release which were re-mastered by Paschal Byrne, Mark Powell, and Roye Albrighton!

The Dream Nebula is another one of the five compliations albums (Thru The Ears, Nektar s/t, Best Of, The Dream Nebula, and the Highlights albums) of various songs by Nektar.

Disc 2 of this release,has the horrible first master of "Remember The Future." Supposedly, the engineers didn't realize the master tape they used was from a quadraphonic mix. That blunder can be heard on this release.  The result is just atrocious. Because just the 2 front channels were used, Roye's guitar is barely audible, Taff's Organ is over-powering. Making this easily the worst CD mastering job I have ever heard, a total train wreck!


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