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nektar Live In Darmstadt 1971 album Nektar - Live in Darmstadt 1971
The Underground Recordings Volume Three
2005 Treacle Productions

Roye Albrighton: guitar, lead vocals
Derek "Mo" Moore: bass, backing vocals
Ron Howden: drums, percussion
Allan "Taff" Freeman: keyboards, backing vocals
Mick Brockett: lighting, projections and visual effects

Concepts by Mo & Mick
Music by Roye, Taff, Mo & Ron
Lyrics by Roye, Mo & Mick.
A NEKTAR composition.

Disc One
Track Song Time
1. Good Day * 08:00
2. Da-Da-Dum * 07:52
3. A Drop In The Ocean * 17:46
4. 1-2-3-4 * 13:30
5. Do You Believe In Magic? * 04:55
6. New Day Dawning * 07:31
Disc Two
1. Journey The Center Of The Eye * 47:17
2. Crying In The Dark * 09:18
3. Odyssee / Ron's On * 10:37
4. Porcelain Valley / Cryin'(reprise)* 11:53
Cryin'(reprise) was misnamed and is actually an unreleased song called "Daddy Jam"
Bonus - Disc Three
Track Song Time
1. Crying In The Dark / King Of Twilight ** 15:12
2. Summer Breeze / Dream Nebula *** 07:45
3. We Are The Ocean / Lonely Roads / We Are The Ocean reprise **** 07:36
3. Let It Grow *** 09:38

magic schrooms

* November 13, 1971
** May 14, 1974
*** December 12, 1976 with Larry Fast
**** May 5, 1971

Nektar live in darmstadt germany large picture

The last CdBaby release was a Christmas present for the fans. This was something extra special for the fans, a three cd set, with graphics printed on the cds with a litho process. This set contained a 1971 Darmstadt Germany show, and the remarkable thing is that it survived all those years sounding pretty clean and clear. The bonus disc contained recordings of the *1st ever performance of KOT, an early version of Lonely Roads from 1971 (called We Are the Ocean at the time), and a recording of Dream Nebula from the Community College of Morristown show from 1976. Sandy Peticolas © 2007

* Mick Brockett confirmed shortly after this Underground Recording was released that what is called "KOT" on this release was actually from May 14, 1974 and is not the first actual recording of "Crying In The Dark / King Of Twilight" played as one song on any recordings. Sometime in late 1974, the combined songs "Crying In The Dark / King Of Twilight" became known and announced by Mo many times from then on as just "King Of Twilight"


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