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Nektar Highlights Highlights: The Best of Nektar

October 18, 1994 Bellaphon 9001

Roye Albrighton: guitar, lead vocals
Derek "Mo" Moore: bass, backing vocals
Ron Howden: drums, percussion
Allan "Taff" Freeman: keyboards, backing vocals
Mick Brockett: lighting, projections and visual effects

Concepts by Mo & Mick
Music by Roye, Taff, Mo & Ron
Lyrics by Roye, Mo & Mick.
A NEKTAR composition.

Disc 1

Track Song Time
1. 16:41
2. Remember the Future Part 2 19:00
nektar highlights

Disc 2

Track Song Time
1. Do You Believe in Magic?   03:45
2. New Day Dawning   04:39
3. Wings  3:35
4. Cast Your Fate  05:27
5. Crying in the Dark   05:01
7. King of Twilight  04:08
8. Burn Out My Eyes 11:45
9. Void of Vision ^^^^
10. Pupil of the Eye ^^^^
11. Look Inside Yourself ^^^^
12. Death Of A Mind ^^^^

Editor's Note:
Every CD of "Remember The Future" that was mastered prior to 2002 should be avoided at all costs. They all contain this bad mix!

We only have the two samples of Remember The Future so fans can hear the differences between the bad mix and the good mix. We refuse to provide any more samples from this album!

We do recommend that everyone buy the Eclectic Label release which were re-mastered by Paschal Byrne, Mark Powell, and Roye Albrighton!

The Highlights c.d. is another one of the five compliations albums (Thru The Ears, Nektar s/t, Best Of, The Dream Nebula, and the Highlights albums) of various songs by Nektar. This was the first c.d. from Nektar's catalog that was transferred from vinyl over to the digital format. This c.d. contains the infamous bad version of Remember The Future.

Disc 1 of this release, has the horrible first master of "Remember The Future." Supposedly, during the transfer, the engineers didn't realize the master tape they used was from a quadraphonic mix., two channels from the original quad mix was left out of stereo mix. The result is just atrocious. That blunder can be heard on this release. Because just the 2 front channels were used, Roye's guitar is barely audible and almost non-existent. Taff's Organ is over–powering making this easily the worst CD mastering job I have ever heard, a total train wreck! This is generally regarded as one of the worst transfer to c.d. jobs in history by everyone and should be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately it wasn't until 2002 that this royal screw up was fixed by Eclectic Discs and Nektar when the remastered c.d. was released. Now Remember The Future  can be heard as it was originally intended to sound... in quad or stereo. .

On the plus side of things, disc 2 is excellent sounding with most of the tracks coming from the Nektar S/T album and possibly contains a song or two from an alternate mix.


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