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Roye Albrighton: The Follies Of Rupert Treacle The Follies Of Rupert Treacle 1999 (Treacle Music)

Remastered 2002(Voiceprint VP260CD)

Roye Albrighton: guitars, synth–guitar, lead vocals

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The Follies Of Rupert Treacle
  1. Sand Man
  2. The Follies
  3. Rupert's Moon
  4. Pass The Fuzz
  5. You're Not Alone
  6. Treacle Star
  7. Dream
  8. Rupert's Lament
  9. Gabrielle's Bridge
  10. The Stranger
  11. It's Over — only found on the original release!

This is Roye's first solo album. Self–produced and completely recorded at home on Cubase MIDI software with a guitar-synth. This was the first synthesizer guitar made by the Roland company (model number GR-300) and even the drum programming was made with it!

All songs on the cd are new. The original cd included a cover of Roy Orbison's song "It's Over" which was removed on the remastered version. "The Follies of Rupert Treacle" is very laid back with Roye belting out many hot bluezy guitar licks on the synth–guitar he started using with Snowball. Eight out of the ten tracks on the remastered cd are instrumentals.

original front cover

The Original Artwork

Pass The Fuzz Not Alone
Pass The Fuzz Lydia's Lament
Sandman It's Over
Sandman It's Over

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